Under our main product brand Levasil Colloidal Silica and with our global network of manufacturing facilities, we provide our professional partners with a reliable supply of high and consistent quality colloidal silica. Customer confidence in this capability has made us a trusted world-leading manufacturer.

Wide selection of products

Levasil Colloidal Silica aqueous dispersions are available in a variety of grades determined by particle size, structure, concentration, pH, surface charge and surface modification. It is a versatile, inorganic material that can be used in many different industrial functions.

Concentrations: 7– 50% SiO2
Particle size distributions: narrow, medium or wide
Structures: Discrete particles or chains
Particle diameters: 2–150 nm (nanometer)
Surface areas: 30-1100 m2/g
pH: 2–12
Modifications: ammonium, aluminate, chloride, silane, deionized
Morphology: Spherical or irregular

Anionic particles
Sodium or ammonia stabilized
pH 8-11

Anionic particles
Aluminate modified
pH 5-11

Anionic particles
Silane modified
pH 7-9

Cationic particles
Chloride stabilized
pH 2-5

Non-charged particles
Deionized modified
Electrolyte free
pH 2-4

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